Nonprofit Learning Series Workshops in Coos Bay

This three-part training series for board members, staff, and volunteers is designed to help you develop strong, smart, engaged nonprofit leaders. Whether you are new to nonprofit service or a seasoned leader, CNS’s Nonprofit Learning Series will give you tools for effective governance, clarify your financial responsibilities, and help sharpen your fundraising skills.

Registration fees: $45 per session or $99 for all three sessions.

Southwestern Oregon Community
College, Newmark 201
2110 Newmark Ave Coos Bay, OR 97420

Three In-Depth Sessions with Experts

Organizational Governance

Saturday, June 6th, 1pm-4:30pm

In this session you’ll learn the fundamentals of fiduciary and legal responsibilities of nonprofit board members, how staff and board can work most effectively together towards organizational goals, what you can do to enhance board member and volunteer recruitment and tips and tricks for effective meetings. It’d be helpful to review your bylaws ahead of the session.


Saturday, August 8th, 1pm-4:30pm

In this session, Jenn Clemo, CNS’s Executive Director, will offer information, tools, and resources related to a variety of fundraising activities. Participants will learn about revenue diversification, grant prospecting and qualification, building business partnerships, appeal letters, and fundraising planning.


Saturday, October 10th, 1pm-4:30pm

This session will provide nonprofit leaders with a primer on financial responsibilities and accountability. Jenn Clemo, CNS’s Executive Director, will provide participants with key concepts related to understanding financial statements, the practical application of finance principles for your nonprofit, and what financial controls you should have in place. It would be a good idea to review your financial statements ahead of time or even bring a copy with you for your reference! 

Meet your Presenters

Jenn Clemo
Executive Director, CNS

Jenn Clemo is a nonprofit professional with expertise in resource development, program design and evaluation, outreach and engagement, and strategic initiatives.

She is an experienced nonprofit consultant, trainer, and adviser. Jenn is passionate about helping nonprofits recognize their full potential and providing mission-driven services that enhance their capacity to make the communities we live in healthy and vibrant.

Jess Hampton
Program Director, CNS

Jess Hampton is a community and organizational development professional with an academic background in nonprofit management. She is a seasoned facilitator and trainer with a demonstrated capacity to foster the growth of nonprofits through tailored programming, experiential training, and organizational planning.

Jess is passionate about leveraging the power of bringing people together to create possibilities, solve problems, and make decisions.

About the Center for Nonprofit Stewardship

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These workshops are presented by the Center for Nonprofit Stewardship, a nonprofit organization that educates and empowers nonprofits in sound financial, administrative, and organizational stewardship.